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Ammar Bashara is Jazz Bashara's father and one of the best welders in Artemis.


Ammar Bashara was a welder in Saudi Arabia and had a daughter with a woman who left them. When Jazz was 6, Ammar and Jazz took the Collins to the Moon and went to live on Artemis.

Even though he is a welder, he is not part of the Welders' Guild and has his own company, Bashara Welding. The Guild has tried to ruin his business and pressure him to join via rumor-mongering but in a small town like Artemis it's common knowledge that Ammar Bashara is one of the most honest business men and best welders.[1]

Ammar lives and works in Conrad Down 6 (CD6-3028).


He is a devote Muslim man. Though most Artemisian Muslims usually just face West to pray as the Moon is in constant orbit around the Earth, he built himself a prayer wall that would always face Mecca (Makkah), even on the Moon.


Ammar has never committed a crime or drunk alcohol, and believes that even if he doesn't approve of Jazz' lifestyle it is not his place to tell her what to do as she is now an adult. He is, however, willing to break the rules if it means saving Artemis and his daughter.


Ammar is a middle-aged, muscular man with a weathered face and a well-trimmed beard. He wears a white taqiyah (head dressing)[2].