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"Armstrong sucks. It’s a damn shame such a nice guy got such a shitty part of town named after him."

Armstrong Bubble is named after Astronaut Neil Armstrong, the first person to walk on the Moon.

Local Economy

Armstrong Bubble was the first structure built for Artemis and is only half the height of the other bubbles.[1]

In the early days, Armstrong Ground was the best real estate in town. Space Agencies were the first to rent space in Artemis. Now the grinding thrum of industrial equipment oozes from the walls of the structure. The Down levels of Armstrong house heavy manufacturing plants.

The City Administrator’s Quarters were once in Armstrong but moved to Conrad Bubble when Armstrong became all loud noises and machinery.

by Anthony Caruana

Armstrong Down 4, which is called Little Hungary, is filled with metalworking shops owned by Hungarians.


Other Locations

  • Boulder Park - an open space just near the ramps of Armstrong Up 4.


Armstrong Bubble sits in the middle of Artemis, surrounded by Aldrin, Conrad, Bean, and Shepard bubbles and connected each of its neighbors via connector tunnels.


  • Zsóka Stróbl - A pressure-vessel specialist who worked the construction of both Bean and Shepard bubbles. She resides at Armstrong Down 4.
  • Rudy DuBois - the Constable of Artemis, lives on Armstrong Up 4.