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The Artemis Port of Entry is located in Aldrin Bubble on its east side.


The Port's massive airlock complex is the second-largest chamber in the city, only Aldrin Park is larger.[1] It is a place of constant activity, with workers, porters, residents, and tourists constantly moving through the facility.

On the north side of the Port the train airlock provides access to trains for tourist that run to the Apollo 11 Visitor's Center and for employees of Sanchez Aluminum that run to the Smelters and Reactors. Just in front of the train airlock there is a huge Kenyan flag. Beneath it were the words:

You are now boarding Kenya Offshore Platform Artemis. This platform is the property of the Kenya Space Corporation. International maritime laws apply.

On the south side of the freight airlock can fit ten thousand cubic meters of cargo through in a single cycle. Moving cargo is a slow process. EVA masters maneuver the cargo pods, and everything gets a high-pressure air cleanse to remove dust and keep it out of the domes.