Artemis 5


Andy Weir, author of The Martian, strikes again with Artemis, a book about a porter and small-time criminal Jazz Bashara in a classic sci-fi novel set on The Moon in the city of Artemis with even more scientific accuracy than his first novel.

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The Team: Jazz Bashara, Dale Shapiro, Martin Svoboda, Ammar Bashara, Lene Landvik and Bob Lewis.

Other Characters: Trond Landvik, Rudy DuBois, Fidelis Ngugi, Billy Hartnell, Jin Chu, Kelvin Otieno and Irina.


Aditya Sood Alan Bean Alan Shepard Mr Đoàn
Aldrin Bubble Ammar Bashara Andy Weir Airlock
Anorthite Apollo 11 Apollo 11 Visitor's Center Apollo 12
Apollo 14 Armstrong Bubble Artemis (ambiguous page) Edgar
Artemis (book) Artemis (city) Artemis (goddess) ESA Research Center
Artemis (movie) Artemis Port of Entry Coffee Welders' Guild
Audio Book Bean Bubble Billy Hartnell Tranquility Bay Company 
Bob Lewis Buzz Aldrin Richard Gordon Pham Binh
Capsule Domicile Chang'e Charisse Tâm Binh
Chris Miller Coffin (redirect) Collins Hibby
Conrad Bubble Dale Shapiro ESA Zsóka Stróbl
EVA Guild Earth Edward Isvan Stróbl
FFC Cambridge Process Faith Otieno Fidelis Ngugi Doc Roussel
Fire Safety General Business Gizmo Life Support Center
Glass Production Gunk Halima Otieno Moonorail
Hartnell's Pub Harvesters Irina Vetrov Lassiter Casino
Jazz Bashara Jin Chu KSC (redirect) Arun Gosal
KSC freighter Kelvin Otieno Kenya Marcy
Kenya Space Corporation Kuki Otieno Landvik Industries Aldrin Park
Legal System Lene Landvik Loretta Sanchez Boulder Park
Lunar Dust Marcelo Alvarez Sarah Gottlieb Ms. Teller
Margot Otieno Martin Svoboda Michael Collins Michael Mendez
Moltke Foothills Moon Moral Brigade ISRO
Mr Nakoshi NASA Neil Armstrong Jata Masai
O Palácio Pete Conrad Phil Lord Starlite Casino
Queensland Glass Roosa Rosario Dawson The Canton Artemis
Rover Rudy DuBois Sanchez Aluminum Electricians' Guild
Santiago Holdings, Inc. Sean Shepard Bubble Guilds
Simon Kinberg Slugs Smelters (redirect) Security Services
Smelters and Reactors Stuart Roosa The Arcade The Berm
The Ladies The Ritz-Carlton Artemis The Sea of Tranquillity Heat Rejection Panels
Trigger Trond Landvik Tyler Bashara Welding
Uphoff-Crouch Cycler Orbit ZAFO Gordon Moonrise Inn 
Mistakes in the novel Nora Optical Loss Test Set OLTS (redirect)
The Lunar Express (redirect) Raj Norton Spinelli Artemis Hyatt
Gunter Eichel Ilsa Eichel Saudi Arabia Congregation Beth Chalutzim
Geneva Robertson-Dworet Contraband  Imam Faheem Jørgensen, Isaksen & Berg
Fan Art Apollo Missions


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