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Fidelis Ngugi is the Administrator of Artemis.

The Creation of KSC and Artemis

Ngugi is the reason Artemis exists.

When she was Kenya's Minister of Finance, she created the country's entire space industry from scratch. Because spacecrafts launched from the equator could take advantage of Earth's rotation to save fuel other space organisations were interested in launching from Kenya.

She drew them in by cutting the red-tape so many other space corporations were used to from Western nations had and convinced fifty corporations from thirty four countries to invest billions of dollars into creating the KSC. She made sure Kenya enacted special tax breaks and laws especially for the megacorporation.

When Artemis was built Ngugi was chosen as it's Administrator and has been running it for over twenty years.[1]

Dhuku Headscarf


Ngugi always wears her traditional dhuku[2] headscarf which usually counterpoints any modern, western outfit she wears.


Ngugi is a successful business woman and politician managing to get both KSC and Artemis off the ground and thriving. She's a realist in that she understands that every city needs a criminal under belly which angers Rudy DuBois as she tends to let petty criminals and gangs off the hook in order to keep up trade as one of Artemis' main sources of income is the fact that people can launder money through their slugs system.

She is very awe-inspiring. Jazz, Lene and even the unimpressed Irina are in awe by her ability to create something like Artemis and basically get money from no where.



Fidelis means 'Faithful'.

She has a Swahili accent when she speaks English.

Dhuku [3] - A head tie is a women's cloth head scarf that is commonly worn in many parts of Southern Africa and Western Africa.