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Hartnell's Pub is a local bar located in Conrad Bubble in Artemis on the Moon.


Hartnell's is a hole in the wall bar. No music. No dance floor. Just a bar and a few uneven tables. The only concession to ambience is noise-absorption foam on the walls.[1]

The vibe of the bar is completely asexual. No one hit on people in Hartnell's, this bar is for drinking, and you can get any drink you want as long as it is beer.

The proprietor is Billy Hartnell, and he knows his customers value alcohol and silence.


Hartnell's sells various types of reconstituted beers and juices (for non-drinkers).

Billy has tried to reconstitute various liquors, using extracts from Earth reconstituted with water and pure ethanol that he had smuggled into Artemis by Jazz Bashara.

Artemis allows liquor even though it's flammable, but not ethanol as it is incredibly flammable.