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Jin Chu is a representative of a Hong Kong corporation visiting Artmeis.


Jin Chu went to a high class American private school and speaks with an impeccable American accent.

He approached Trond Landvik regarding developing production of ZAFO on the Moon but double crossed him to get money from Sanchez Aluminum. He was then targeted by the O Palácio criminal enforcer Marcelo Alvarez.[1]


He is very selfish and cares more about himself and his job than the safety of an entire city. He would sell out his associates in order to make more money or to save his own life.

He is a huge Trekkie (Star Trek fan) even going so far as to make his safe password 1701, the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) is the fictional starship used in the original Star Trek.



Jin [金 or jīn] means 'gold', 'metal' or 'money', which is ironic as he is a money-loving business man.