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Kelvin Otieno was Jazz' old pen-pal from Kenya when they were children. They started talking when they were both 9 and at the time of the book are both 26.

He works for the KSC as a Loadmaster and loads the freighters with items and makes sure they're measured correctly. He uses his job as a way to smuggle contraband into Artemis so that Jazz can sell it to Artemisans.


He grew up in a mainly white but multi-cultural area of Kenya that was made especially for KSC employees and their families.

When he was a kid he wanted to build rockets when he was older and made many model rockets including the KSC freighter.

A letter in reply to Jazz' letter.

He has four sisters who he found annoying and lived with them along with his mother, father and two cats in Kenya. Kelvin's father worked for the KSC on Earth as a security officer.

When he was a teen he had a crush on a girl called Charisse and he would give Jazz dating advice.

He now lives with his sisters, his parents amd Halima's son Edward.


Kelvin is dedicated to his family and does everything he can to support his parents and sisters, including partnering with Jazz to smuggle contraband items into Artemis for extra money for the family.



Kelvin as a name means 'From the River' / 'River man'. Otieno means 'Born At Night'.