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“You are now boarding Kenya Offshore Platform Artemis. This platform is the property of the Kenya Space Corporation. International maritime laws apply.”

Kenya Space Corporation (KSC) is a mega-corporation based in Kenya.


Kenya had one natural resource to offer space companies, the equator. Spacecraft launched from the equator can take full advantage of the Earth's rotation to save fuel. Additionally, Kenya offered simplified commercial policies that could not be found in Western nations.[1]

Fidelis Ngugi, the Minister of Finance for Kenya, convinced fifty corporations from thirty four countries to invest billions of dollars into creating the Kenya Space Corporation (KSC) by enacting special tax breaks and laws for the new mega-corporation.

Locations on Earth

KSC built and maintains a large launch facility, corporate offices, and accommodations for its employees, who come from around the globe to work for the corporation. KSC provides living facilities (apartments and company store and commissary) for its employees and gives all employees' children free schooling.

Locations on the Moon

KSC also built Artemis, the only city on the Moon. When KSC needed to pick an administrator for Artemis, they selected Fidelis Ngugi.

Because Artemis is run by Kenya and the bubbles don't let in sunlight, the whole city is run on Kenyan time. KSC also acts like a bank for Artemis, converting earth currencies to slugs. The corporation also imports goods and transports people to and from Earth and the Moon.

Known Employees