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Artemis does not have much in the ways of Legal Systems.[1]

Major Crimes

If you commit a serious crime, like murder, you get expedited or deported back to Earth by the Artemis Administrator, Fidelis Ngugi. That is the only person who can forcibly make you leave Artemis.

Minor Crimes

However there is no jail and no fines so minor crimes get dealt with by Rudy DuBois any way he sees fit. If Rudy has to hold someone for any reason he uses a re-purposed airlock with a padlock and chain on the door in place of a holding cell.

If a husband is found to be beating his wife, Rudy might beat them up in a similar way as he did to Pham Binh.

Moral Crimes

If you take advantages of minors either sexually or through serving them illegal substances (alcohol or drugs), people will form a moral brigade and take it upon themselves to punish the guilty party through rumour-mongering or assembling a posse and beating them up.