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Lene Landvik is the 16 year old daughter of Trond Landvik. She is the heir to Landvik Industries and the Landvik Estate. Even though she knows about her father's business practices, she looks up to him and loves him very much.


When she was younger, her mother was killed in a car crash and she was left crippled and unable to walk. Because of the lower gravity on the Moon, Trond and her moved to Artemis so that Lene could walk with crutches. She lived with her father and their Russian bodyguard who posed as a house maid Irina.

After her father died she inherited Landvik Industries and all of his slugs as well as a watch that had 'Himmelen er ikke grensen' (The sky is not the limit) engraved on the back.



She has her father's eyes.


The name 'Lene' is short form of the German, Norwegian and Danish name 'Helene'. 'Helene' is the Greek form of Helen (of Troy) which means "torch" or "corposant" and relates to 'Selene' the Moon.