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The Life Support Center is located in the Armstrong Bubble.


Life Support regulates the flow of Oxygen into the city, makes sure it's safe and then separates out the CO2 from used air. They also manage the temperature, pressure other things pertaining to the safety and upkeep of the city and it's citizens. Furthermore they sell the CO2 to Gunk farmers which they use to grow their algae.[1]

The Center is unique for Artemis as it doesn't process carbon dioxide back into oxygen even though they have the equipment and batteries that would last months to do so. Instead they use the much cheaper and basically infinite supply of oxygen that Sanchez Aluminum produces as a byproduct of making aluminum.

It is one of the few places that has genuine security protocols because of it's important job of making sure Artemis is safe.


It is located in the Armstrong Bubble, Armstrong Ground (AG-5250).

It is near the heavy manufacturing plants, just 15 floors away and is very noisy because of this.