Some eagle-eyed readers of Artemis have spotted a few errors; printing, plot or maths, and have been quick to point them out.

1. The Safe

When Jazz tries to open Jin Chu's hotel room safe she sees that his code includes the numbers 0, 1 and 7. As the code must be 4 digits she concludes there must be 54 different combinations.

Some fans have argued that it should actually be 36 different combinations.[1]

2. Marine

In the first printing Andy Weir referred to Bob Lewis as an ex-marine rather than an ex-Marine. A marine (lower case m) referring to sea life whilst Marine (upper case m) refers to the military.[2]

3. Fiber Optics

1st hardback edition of Artemis pg 289 - Jazz says that fiber optic lines can only be 15km (9.3 miles) long without the use of repeaters but we currently have fiber optic cables in use that are 80-100km[3] (49-62 miles) long without repeaters. A single strand of fiber might only be manufactured at 15km, but they can be fusion spliced together to make longer runs. 

4. English Characters Using American English

The bartender, Billy, speaks with a London accent. However, on page 139, he uses the word "pissed" meaning "annoyed". English people don't use that word in that way. They say "pissed off".


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