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O Palácio is Brazil's largest and most powerful crime syndicate.


O Palácio owns Sanchez Aluminum, through a holding company, near Artemis on the Moon.[1]

This isn't an 'operation' for O Palácio, it is just an avenue for creative accounting. The crime syndicate is not interested in the profits from manufacturing aluminum, they use the company to launder money. Artemisian Slugs are an unregulated quasi-currency, which makes Artemis the perfect haven for money laundering.

When the syndicate learned of the process to develop zero attenuation fiber optics (ZAFO) they wanted to corner the market. They destroyed Queensland Glass to get control of glass production on the Moon. They already owned Sanchez Aluminum and could provide all the silicon and oxygen needed to manufacture the optic fibers. They were thwarted by Jazz Bashara and her friends, and in the end sold their aluminum plant to Landvik Industries.

O Palácio Personnel

  • Marcelo Alvarez - a freelance accounting consultant. He is actually an O Palácio enforcer.


O Palácio is Portuguese for "The Palace".