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The Roosa is a KSC ship that transports people between Earth and The Moon, that is named after Stuart Roosa, who was the Command Module Pilot for the Apollo 14 mission. It was preceded by the Collins.[1]


It has full centripetal gravity with a large enough radius that people won't feel dizzy whilst it spins. It gradually slows the rotation over the 7 day trip to the Moon so that when they reach there, they are used to the gravity which is 1/6 of the Earth's gravity.

They reverse this process until it goes from 1/6th g to 1g and the passengers are used to Earth's gravity again.

Earth-Moon Transit

The Roosa uses an Uphoff-Crouch Cycler Orbit to transit between the Earth and the Moon. Using a ballistic orbit, the ship goes through a cycle with each step taking seven days.

Earth --> Moon --> (deep space out of Earth-moon plane) --> Moon --> Earth --> (deep space in the Earth-moon plane) --> Earth -->(repeats)