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"Okay, I won't lie. Rudy DuBois is a seriously good looking man. He's two meters tall and blond as a Hitler wet dream." ~ Jazz Bashara

Rudy DuBois is the Head of Security on Artemis.


Rudy used to be part of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police ten years ago but quit to become head of security on the Moon. Due to the fact that Artemis doesn't have jails or fines he basically acts as the entire Justice system unless someone commits a serious crime. His office is located on Armstrong Up 4, near Boulder Park.[1]

He has been trying to catch Jazz smuggling ever since an incident when she was 17.

Appearance and Personality

He is 2 metres tall (6.56 feet), extremely blond and according to Jazz is extremely good looking. He wears the uniform of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police everyday.

He has a strong if not slightly warped (by developed country standards) view of Justice acting almost like a legal vigilante.


Rudy translates to 'Famed wolf' in German and Du Bois translates to 'From the wood' in French meaning his whole name is 'Famed wolf from the wood'.