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Slugs are the electronic 'currency' used on Artemis. 


Soft-Landed Grams (S-L-G), or 'slugs' for short, are used to denote the cost of getting one gram of cargo delivered from Earth to Artemis by the KSC.[1]

Slugs are technically not a currency as Artemis is not a country and cannot create its own currency. Slugs are pre-purchased service credit from KSC. Individuals pay in Earth currencies (dollars, euros, yen) and receive a mass allowance for shipments to Artemis. Customers can maintain an account with the company and KSC will keep track of the balance of slugs in the account.

The process is very handy for trade at Artemis, with KSC functioning as a quasi-bank.

Money Laundering

Artemisian slugs are an unregulated, largely untracked quasi-currency and the city has a low-level identity verification system. This makes Artemis the perfect haven for money laundering for crime syndicates such as O Palácio.


  • 1 USD can purchase approximately 6 SLGs.