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Smelter Bubble

The Smelter Bubble is located 1 kilometer from Artemis. The bubble is much smaller than the municipal bubbles, and is only 30 meters in diameter. It still has the same double-hull construction as the other bubbles.[1]

The Harvesters dump their loads of anorthite ore in to grinders located outside of the bubble. The grit from the grinders comes into the bubble via a compression airlock, then moves down to the lowest level. A centrifuge separates the anorthite from other minerals and it is sintered into anodes, which are taken to the upper level for use in the smelter.

The smelter operates at 900 degrees Celsius and is used to maintain the molten salt bath in which the anorthite anodes and carbon cathodes are bathed in the FFC Cambridge Process to extract the aluminum.


The first things that were brought to the Moon from Earth were two nuclear reactors because they needed that energy to sculpt the aluminum to build the rest of the city. Nuclear power is incredibly efficient, they can power an entire city but the actual nuclear fuel is kilograms of mass[2] The reactors themselves weigh 15 metric tons each and they’re based on the Gen4 reactor.[3] They produce 27 megawatts each.