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Trond Landvik is one of the richest Artemisians. He lives in Shepard Bubble and made his fortune in the Norwegian telecom industry. He lived with his daughter and his live-in maid in a stupidly huge house. He often requested illegal contraband, mainly Dominican cigars, from Jazz.


He made his fortune in the telecom industry as CEO of Landvik Industries. At some point her married a woman and had a daughter with her.

He moved to Artemis with his daughter Lene after a car crash killed his wife and caused Lene to lose the use of her legs. Because of the lesser gravity of the Moon she is able to move around on crutches rather than be wheel-chair bound like she would have been on earth.[1]

Trond was killed, along with his bodyguard Irina, by Marcelo Alvarez. Alvarez was an enforcer for the O Palácio crime syndicate and was ordered to kill Landvik in response to his sabotage of the Harvesters used to collect ore for the Sanchez Aluminum plant.




Trond is a Norwegian name, the base of the name, Tron'r (Þróndr or Þrándr), is Old Norse and means "to grow and thrive" (þroásk) which is ironic as it was Landvik's wish to grow his company that caused his death.