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Hiya, I'm Thalia the creator of this Wiki and an admin.

I made this wiki about 2 weeks before the book released (14th November 2017) because I was an avid fan of The Martian. For some reason I own two paper back copies of the book, an ebook version, the CD for the movie and my dad has the audio book so yeah. Huge fan. And if that wasn't enough proof I'm also an admin over on The Martian wikia which you should also check out instead of reading this.

After I bought the book and started expanding this wikia Andy Weir himself caught wind of me on Twitter and sent me a signed copy of Artemis so now I have the UK and US covers which is cool and Andy Weir knows who I am sort of!

Check out the Discussion Posts and have some discussions and check out the home page to see what pages there are and what pages we need!

These are some places you can find me:
Instagram: Marvel.Laughing.Thalia
Archive Of Our Own: LaughingThalia
Twitter: Let's Talk Artemis @Artemis_Amazon 
FanFiction.Net: Laughing.Thalia
Tumblr: MarvelThalia Laughing.Thalia